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My two top pieces of advice for job seekers

My two top pieces of advice for job seekers;

·        Stop applying to so many adverts and start using your network or create a network; I’ve just seen a job on LinkedIn for a Head of Marketing with 562 applicants! I don’t even understand how a hiring manager even copes with those kind of levels, but I do know it’s going to become a CV sifting exercise and it’s incredibly hard for any one person to stand out. Throwing a CV off into the ether is demoralising and a bit of a false economy. Instead, be bold and brave, get in touch with your network, don’t be afraid to say you aren’t working or you’re redundant or you just want a change. Drop an old boss or colleague a note, do it through LinkedIn, it’s a networking site! See who you know out there, see where they work, it’s that a potential next employer for you? You won’t be one of 562 people doing that.

·        Make a target list of companies who you might work for next; More than likely, you will be constrained by location. More than likely, there are only a certain number of businesses that will be relevant to you. Let’s face it, in this tricky economic and cautious time, you are more than likely not going to transfer from Travel to let’s say an FMCG or Packaging company. In addition, only certain business will have a need for a £100k Sales Director like you. Find out who those business are, find out who their MD is, their Talent Manager if they have one, reach out to them, introduce yourself. Keep an eye on those business, are they hiring, are they merging, do you know anyone who knows anyone there, can they introduce you? 

Please drop me a note if you’d like to discuss any of this and please like or share to get it in front of others who it might help, I’m just starting out on this and would be very grateful.

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